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Randy Baker, Artistic Director

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“Good storytelling is a sort of fearless magic act, in which events move too quickly to tolerate objection… And this is the way that director Randy Baker and the rest of the Rorschach troupe tell this story: with such assurance and commitment that the impossible seems true.”   – DC Theater Scene

(This page last updated January 2016)

Randy Baker is a playwright, director and the co-Artistic Director of Rorschach Theatre which he founded  with Jenny McConnell Frederick in the summer of 1999.  He is also faculty at American University and at the National Conservatory of Dramatic ArtsHe recently finished his residency as a member of The Playwright’s Arena, a part of Arena Stage’s American Voices New Play Institute.

As a director with Rorschach Theatre he has directed include Very Still and Hard to See (which was nominated for five Helen Hayes awards including Best Director), She Kills MonstersThe Minotaur, After the Quake1001RhinocerosJBBehold!Fair Ladies at a Game of Poem Cards  and Monster. Among some of the other companies for whom he has directed are Source TheatreWSC Avant BardInkwell Theatre, First Draft, NCDA’s Actors Repertory TheatreWayward Theatre,  Cherry Red Productions, Catholic University, American University and Young Playwrights Theater as well as a number of shows with high-school actors at Imagination Stage and Theatre Lab. Some recent directing projects include Big Love at Catholic University, Rashōmon and Marat/Sade at American University and A Midsummer Night’s Dream at WSC Avant Bard.

Plays he has written and had produced at Rorschach Theatre include the recent production of Truth & Beauty Bombs: A Softer World a project written co-written with 4 other playwrights and inspired by the web comic A Softer World as well as the full-length plays Dream Sailors and After the Flood and the short plays Paolo and Francesca, The CorleoneBeit Jala and CrunchIn the sping of 2017, Rorschach Theatre will produce Forgotten KingdomsOther produced plays include the full length plays Circus of Fallen Angels at the National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts,wild42hold at George Washington University, an adaptation of Rashōmon at American University and the short plays The Rabbit and The Snake and Cassandra Dances with the Devil at Source TheatreA Lonely Dictator on the Eve of Revolution at Forum Theatre, The Boy Who Knew No Fear at Three Leaches Theatre (Colorado), Sam the Prophet, Veronica’s Omelet and The Wind at Their Backs at Extreme Exchange, The Ballad of Saint Valentine at the Washington Theatre Festival and Red, Yellow and Blue and The Creek Below at the One Minute Play Festival.

Readings and workshops include The Burning Road which was developed at Arena stage and had a reading in the Kogod Cradle in March 2014, Forgotten Kingdoms which has received readings at National New Play Network, Inkwell Theatre, The Arts Club of Washington, Wordsmyth Theater (Houston) and the National Newborn Festival at MTWorks (New York) where it won the Audience Choice Award, Circus of Fallen Angels which was commissioned by and performed at the National Conservatory for Dramatic Arts and received a workshop production at American University,Gilgamesh which received a staged reading at Rorschach Theatre and Vox which was developed at Theater Alliance.   Monastery is being developed through Theater J’s Locally Grown program and had its first public reading in May 2013.

Randy grew up overseas, mostly in Malaysia and Singapore and came back to attend the University of Richmond. He moved to Washington DC in 1997 and currently lives in Takoma Park with his wife, costume designer Debra Kim Sivigny.  He received his MFA in creative writing from Goddard College and is a member of the Dramatists Guild of America.

More information can be found at randybakerdc.wordpress.com.